2020 Curriculum Updates 

Pictured: 2020 Tournament of Champions Finals, via Zoom Platform

A Digital Platform

The 2020 Plano West Summer Speech & Debate Camp will be held online via Zoom. Workshops will be held exactly the same as in person- each student will be placed into a lab group with three experienced instructors and other students training in the same event. We will also be utilizing Zoom's breakout room feature in order to provide opportunities for each student to work one-on-one with an instructor on individual skills. Screen-sharing will be turned on to ensure everyone can make the most out of camp!

Interactive Learning

Even though we cannot physically meet face to face, Plano West's 2020 Speech & Debate Camp is designed so students learn through interactive activities and daily practice! Lectures will be given live every day, so students can ask questions and follow along as they learn. During individual research time, instructors will check in on each student and offer tips and guidelines. Students will also practice speeches and drills throughout the day, and we guarantee everyone leaves camp with at least 5 practice rounds of experience.

PF/LD Debate

Each day includes:

- two lectures (morning and afternoon)

- collaborative lab time

- individual case/blocks writing

- various drills and mini debates

- one on one guidance

- optional office hours

- practice rounds (days 3, 4, 5)

High schoolers will use the 2020 Septober PF/LD topic, and middle schoolers (Public Forum only) will use the Fall 2020 PISD topic.


Each day includes:

- one to two lectures

- collaborative lab time

- speech writing & research time

- drills and procedural advice

- one on one guidance

- optional office hours

- practice chambers (days 3, 4, 5)

Congressional Debate students will use the TFA Fall 2020 docket for legislation. Students can expect to leave with a base level of prep for up to half the docket.


Event breakdown coming soon!


Each day includes:

- one to two lectures & lab time

- topic brainstorm sessions

- guidance from instructors throughout writing process

- public speaking drills & practice

- optional office hours

Middle schoolers will focus on writing and memorizing an oratory. High schoolers will be introduced to both oratory and informative speaking, and focus on polishing one during the week.

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